You Eat, You Feed

Imagine that each time you enjoy a nutritious meal a child is also having a warm meal. This meal will help him or her stay healthy and will keep them from dropping out of school.

Our goal is to pass this mission on to you. That’s why we say: “You Eat, You Feed”. For every meal you order through the Restoranto app we donate a meal to a child in hunger in Uganda. But we’d rather not just call them ‘a child in need’ or ‘a hungry child’. We’d like to give them a name: Mark.


Who is Mark?

Mark represents more than 800 million people in the world who go to bed hungry every night. We believe these people deserve a voice, dignity and a name! We aim to provide Mark with all of this. Each meal you eat turns into an opportunity for Mark to discover the world and develop into someone that will be able to contribute to his community.

The biggest struggle that Marks family in Uganda faces, is making sure they have enough food. By taking some of this pressure off, we help his parents concentrate their efforts on building a more sustainable future for their family. Since all the food we help them with is sourced locally – from local farmers and local food vendors – we stimulate the economy that Mark will also be part of. We want to relieve the stress, the frustration and bitterness that hunger can bring, and make way for new ideas to come to life.

Our Inspiration

Restoranto’s inspiration comes from an old Ugandan proverb: “Gava mu kulya”. It means that food is the source of energy, power and wisdom. There is so much depth in this saying. We truly believe that food is the beginning of everything. Proper nutrition should be the right of every person, so we strive to make it possible. Moreover, a satisfied stomach can ignite a brilliant mind into achieving amazing things.

The fight against world hunger should not be a difficult one, it just needs one firm step at a time. And everything is easier when you have a friend next to you on this path! We believe in your power to drive this change. Let’s imagine a brighter future together!

How does You Eat, You Feed work?

For every meal that is ordered through Restoranto we donate a meal to Mark. We have partnered with the GAVA Project. They will buy the food from farmers & local vendors, enable the community in the project, help with cooking the meals and feed the local school children.

Where do we operate?

GAVA operates in Kazo, which is one of four slums on the outskirts of Kampala, Uganda.

What is included in a meal?

Each meal consists of posho (corn pudding) and beans.

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