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The 11 Best Breakfast Restaurants in Amsterdam of 2020


In this article you'll learn more about the finest breakfast restaurants in Amsterdam.

Enjoy this read about these 11 tasty breakfast hotspots in Amsterdam!

So what are the 11 best breakfast restaurants in Amsterdam?

Your breakfast is the first meal of the day and also the most important one. Your body just spent an entire night without food. If you want to have a productive day full of energy, skipping breakfast might not be a great idea.

Did you know 1out of 3 Dutch people skip their breakfast at all? Too bad.

After reading this list of the best places to have breakfast in Amsterdam we're sure you won't be missing breakfast aytime soon! ?

Just one tip before you dive into it: many restaurants in Amsterdam are fully booked the biggest part of the year - even for breakfast. So make sure to book a table, just to be sure!

Café Restaurant P.King

Looking for a breakfast restaurant in the city center of Amsterdam which offers a great menu? Café restaurant P.King is just what you're looking for!

This restaurant opens at 09:00 am and serves a great breakfast with perfect coffee. Are you ready for lunch or dinner? Enjoy amazing Asian dishes such as Thai Beef salad, Asian Spareribs or other classics. This restaurant has a perfect location and therefore it's recommended to book a table. up front.

  • Great coffee
  • Classic Asian dishes
  • Great menu

Herengracht 515
1017 BV Amsterdam
020 320 8175

Brasserie De Roode Leeuw

Looking for a breakfast in the city center of Amsterdam which also serves great lunch and dinner? Have a look at Brasserie de Roode Leeuw - literally translated to The Red Lion.

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This restaurant is located at Damrak in the center of Amsterdam. They service a great breakfast but are also an option if you're looking for a high tea.

This restaurant is quite popular thus we recommend you to make a booking.

  • Great atmosphere
  • Perfect location
  • High tea possible

Damrak 93-94
1012 LP Amsterdam
020 555 0666

Valerius Eten en Drinken

Are you in the Southern part of Amsterdam and do you want to have a relaxed breakfast? Valerius Eten en Drinken is the place to be.  This restaurant is located on a great location in the Banstraat and has everything it takes to provide a relaxed breakfast for you. It opens daily at 08:30 am and is ready to serve a great breakfast.

Additionally. lunch is a great option for this restaurant as well. They serve famous shrimp croquettes and other luxurious sandwiches. This popular restaurant can be fully booked, so make sure to get a table before.

  • Great restaurant
  • Lovely breakfast
  • Great location

Banstraat 14
1071 JZ Amsterdam
020 471 3976

Cafe Chantilly

Looking for a cheap breakfast in Amsterdam? Or want to find a restaurant which serves a cheap and great lunch? Feel free to visit Cafe Chantily. This Dutch restaurant is popular amongst Amsterdam locals. This restaurant hasn't been found by the big tourist crowds yet so if you want to experience a real Dutch breakfast - this is where you need to go.

  • Cheap and great breakfast
  • Popular amongst locals
  • Great food

Molukkenstraat 53
1095 AV Amsterdam
020 737 2753

Remise 47

In the popular Halls you can find urban Bistro Remise 47. This restaurant has a trendy look & feel and has a great terrace during the summer. Enjoy a great breakfast or lunch with friends and family in a great setting. However, people travelling on their own are more than welcome at Remise 47!

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This restaurant serves great french cuisine during evenings and has some of the best wines Amsterdam has to offer.

  • Located at the Hallen
  • Nice terrace
  • Great breakfast

De Hallen, Bellamyplein 47
1053 AT Amsterdam
020 820 8675

Brasserie Van Dam

Looking for a cosy breakfast or lunch in Amsterdam? Feel free to make a reservation at Brasserie van Dam. This cute restaurant at the Cornelis Schuytstraat has a great menu for people craving for nice food.

Their menu consists of egg with salmon, acai bowls and fresh baked banana pancakes.

  • Great atmosphere
  • Great breakfast
  • Perfect location

Cornelis Schuytstraat 8-10
1071 JH Amsterdam
020 670 6570

Bar Wisse

Looking for a great breakfast in Amsterdam east? Come and join breakfast at Bar Wisse. This cute restaurant is located at the Linneauskade in Amsterdam and serves a mindblowing breakfast.

Try their American Pancakes, eggs with spinach and avocado. Or are you ready for a salad? Enjoy their salad with chickend and mango or their special with ham and fish.

The great staff of Bar Wisse will do anything to make you 100% comfortable during your breakfast.

  • Great staff
  • Great breakfast
  • Amazing eggs with spinach and avocado

Linnaeuskade 1 A
1098 BC Amsterdam
020 221 9228

Caffe Milo

This italian Bistro serves a traditional Italian breakfast in Amsterdam. It's opened 7 days a week and serves real Italian food. It's located in the Oosterparkbuurt and is easy accesible with public transport.

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Great opening hours
  • Great service

Linnaeusstraat 71h
1093 EJ Amsterdam
020 463 8027

Brasserie de Joffers

Looking for an exclusive champaign breakfast in Amsterdam? Or just a nice plae where you can enjoy breakfast while you read a newspaper?

Feel free to visit Brasserie de Joffers.

It's a great restaurant which is popular amongst Amsterdam locals. This restaurant receives many regular guests which will make you feel like you're part of the Amsterdam culture.  This restaurant can be quite full so booking up front is probably a good idea!

  • Locals love this restaurant
  • Great breakfast
  • Relaxed atmosphere

Willemsparkweg 163
1071 GZ Amsterdam
020 673 0360

Meatless District Van Woustraat

Want to have a vegetarian breakfast in Amsterdam? This restaurant is opened  7 days a week for breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks.

Meatless District has an open kitchen which allows you to see the chefs do their work. They'll cook for you, using fresh ingredients. Meatless District changes their menu every month and has a 100% vegan menu.

  • 100% vegan menu
  • Great breakfast
  • Nice atmosphere

Van Woustraat 189
1074 AM Amsterdam
020 846 4897

Cafe Ons Huis

Want to enjoy a typical Dutch breakfast in the city center of Amsterdam? Swing by at Cafe ons huis. This restaurant is opened 7 days a week and serves a delicious breakfast starting at 07:00 am.

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They don't just serve a breakfast. They serve brunch. And oh my...  Their brunch on sunday is even more special.

Their brunch comes with unlimited glasses of champaign. That's what we call a decent breakfast.

  • Popular brunch
  • Unlimited champaign
  • Popular restaurant

Rozenstraat 12
1016 NX Amsterdam
020 810 0940

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